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Physical Therapy

MNRS Physical Therapy is a team of committed caring professionals that empower our patients to achieve optimum medical outcomes.

Miami Neurology & Rehabilitation Specialists, MNRS, is a diagnostic and treatment center committed to excellence in all aspects of acute medical and rehabilitation management. We offer a full range of diagnostic services and treatment options for neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries. The physical therapy staff at MNRS is committed to providing personalized rehabilitative care with a strong emphasis placed on hands-on therapies. Our ultimate goal for therapeutic exercise programs is the achievement of symptom-free movement and function. During the physical therapy evaluation appropriate exercises are chosen and patients are given individualized programs. Exercises are modified as necessary throughout treatment.

Physical therapy modalities are used with an active treatment program to improve circulation, as well as decrease pain and inflammation. Our physical therapists specialize in conservative care of the spine, neuromuscular conditions, as well as upper and lower extremities dysfunctions. Through treatment we strive to return individuals to the highest functional level possible.

Our Therapeutic Exercise Programs include: strengthening exercises, home exercise programs, pain relieving exercises,  lower extremity strengthening / stretching, upper extremity strengthening / stretching, spinal stabilization, core strengthening exercises, cervical / lumbar strengthening / stretching, etc...

Our Physical Therapy Modalities include: ultrasound, electrical stimulation / TENS, traction, hot / cold packs, traction, etc...

Our Hands-On Physical Therapies include: soft tissue mobilization / massage, pressure point release, stretching, PNF, joint mobilization,  neuromuscular therapy, and more.

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Treatment Tips

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Helpful Preventive Measures
For Patients Suffering From Back Injury...

A key component in back injury prevention is abdominal and back strengthening exercises and maintaining joint flexibility.  Your abs, back, and hip muscles are the foundation of your core strength, balance, and stability.  Learning stretching and strengthening exercises and practicing them regularly can help maintain good posture and prevent back pain.  Developing a strong core will give you more function in your upper and lower body and it will enhance your stability, balance, and mobility.

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