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Over 10 years of Service - Miami Physical Therapy

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Through our treatment programs we strive to return individuals to the highest functional level possible.
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Our dedicated team is caring, professional and compassionate and we love to see you doing what you enjoy again.
Treatment Programs
Treatment Programs
Therapeutic exercise programs and hands-on therapies to promote functional independence, pain relief, and mobility.

Click through for more information on our various Treatment Programs and learn how we can custom tailor programs specifically for you.

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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy at MNRS relies on careful exercise to improve circulation, strength, pain relief, and promote faster healing. 

Click through for more information on our Physical Therapy services, we offer comprehensive care spanning the full gamut of available therapies.

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Neurology Specialists
Neurology Specialists
The science of Neurology is intricately entwined with Physical Therapy, fact is that many injuries require both to heal.

MNRS therapists rely on both and integrate them into our various treatment programs, which yields an overall higher patient success rate.

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Why MNRS, Miami's Physical Therapists

Miami Neurology & Rehabilitation Specialists, MNRS, is a diagnostic and treatment center committed to excellence in all aspects of acute medical and rehabilitation management. We offer a full range of diagnostic services and treatment options for neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries. Our highly specialized medical professionals offer comprehensive treatment in our office for spinal and extremity conditions. We urge you to click around and become familiar with our organization and the services we offer. Should you require immediate assistance do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for considering MNRS for your Miami Physical Therapy needs.

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